I’m excited to announce that my latest EP, “Hanging on the Wall”, has been released on East Van Digital, and is available at all major retail outlets!. I’ve already been getting some pretty favourable feedback… here are some of the nice things people have been saying about my release:

Myles Away
“Absolutely badass EP! I will be playing these tunes out for sure.”

Kristian Littmann
“Lush production with some interesting dark elements. The drums in “The Wheel” remind me of old SpinCycle tracks. Strong release.”

Rusty Meeks
“Definitely some of the best shit I’ve heard on the label, big UPS!” 10/10

“Your sound just keeps getting bigger and bigger, man! Liking that deeper number in the middle.”

DJ Nfinity
“Once a track starts I feel like it could be playing forever – lots of atmosphere created in these unique and original sounding tracks.”

“Very heavy all the way through. A real subterranean sound. Love it.”

PK / King Deluxe
“ooh this is nice, looking forward to listening late at night.”

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