Technosuit and the Maker Music Faire

I’ve got a gig coming up in a week, but it’s not your usual dance-party event.

Soon after the “technosuit” made its debut, I was asked to perform at this year’s Maker Music Faire. For those unfamiliar with the term, the “Maker” (aka Hacker) movement and its disciples utilise electronics and engineering expertise to make interesting, original, and useful “things” – 3D printers, robotics, sensors, lighting solutions, lasers, you name it. Videographer Kevin Sarasom took this amazing picture while the technosuit was in development. Come along on November 16th to see it in action:

“Hackspaces” all over the continent (and beyond) are nurturing the Maker movement by providing an environment where people’s knowledge and equipment are shared. Throughout the technosuit’s development, I visited Vancouver’s hacker space (VHS) a couple of times and was fortunate enough to get help from a number of their experts, who were very encouraging and enthusiastic about my project. My thanks go again to them.

The Maker Music Faire will feature Vancouver artists and musicians who have made something very new and unusual – I am particularly interested to see Fredrick Brummer’s music project “Legs”, featuring a system of drums with built-in speakers which vibrate materials placed on the skins to create a cymatic effect. Looks particularly cool with liquids:

Check out some of Legs’ music: