Just a couple of days to go until my next show at Soundproof’s PRIMARY… expect a lot of red, yellow and blue, obviously, and a room full of adults generally behaving like primary-school children. Not that any of these types needs an excuse…

Apart from performing, I have duties as a sound technician for the party as well, and the shape and size of the space is going to be a very challenging environment – it’s effectively a concrete warehouse with very high ceilings so getting the audio sounding crisp and clean is going to be difficult… but the space itself is GORGEOUS and we can’t wait to get set up:

I’m excited to play for the first time two brand new new tracks I recently finished so if you’re reading this, come on down for a taste on the 25th! Party goes from 10pm-5am, and I’ll be playing at midnight. More details on the location of the venue and where to buy a ticket can be found at

See you there!