I have a growing roster of tutorial videos covering techniques and best practises in music production. I’m mainly using Ableton and Logic Pro, but it doesn’t really matter what software you use: I tend not to focus on specifics of a particular software or piece of equipment, but instead prefer to talk about principles, applicable to any software, equipment, or genre.

If you’re in the Vancouver area, I also offer private tuition in electronic music production. I have 18 years of production and engineering experience, and additionally:

– I have a unique ability to explain complicated, advanced concepts in a way suited to beginners
– I have a “big picture” understanding of the technical and artistic craft of production
– I have joy and passion for spreading this knowledge
– I will tailor sessions to your abilityworking with real projects, through to completion, wherever possible

You will learn:

– how, when and why to use compression and EQ
– sound design through mastery of synthesis and sampling
– the power of modulation
– structuring and arrangement
– how to build your ideal template
– and much more

I am an expert in Apple Logic and Ableton Live, and an intermediate Reason user, and I have extensive knowledge of Native Instruments plugins, including Battery 3, Kontakt 5, Absynth, Massive and Maschine.



If you’d like to learn from me, I’d be happy to show you what I know, so get in touch.


“It’s not hard to find music production training on the Internet. But you don’t always get what you need out of it. To work with Jon face to face and be able to ask questions as they came up was great. I don’t think I stumped him once – he knows his stuff. I learned a lot from him.”

-Dallas Kachan, AKA Boom Human

“the best producer in Vancouver… anyone involved in production should check this out.”

-Adrian Farfan, Element MC, Fractured Technique