1. Beamer Grande - Your Wife is a Bitch to Me (Clip) (2008)
  2. Hi-Fi by Design - American Samurai (Clip) (2006)
  3. Dark Arps and Decibel Point - Bosh! (Clip) (2012)
  4. Hi-Fi by Design - Inside (Clip) (2006)
  5. Keiretsu - Timestorm (Instrumental) (2004)


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  1. Stefan Lang says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    just came coincidentally to your site when searching for a Hang sample library.
    Thanks so much for doing this work and submitting it for free!
    One question is about the Group editing. Seemed to me, Group G has no ADSR Envelope,
    the other groups seem to have. Guess that was not your intention. I changed that for me, applied to Groug G the settings of the other groups. Could send you if you wish.
    Also, would it be okay to post the link to your site on a page like rekkerd?
    Kind regards,

  2. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the Hang drum. Very generous of you. Great instrument, too.

  3. Jeremy Goddard says:

    I was just wondering if the hand drum kontakt instrument is having a problem being downloaded. I clicked on the link and it takes me to a blank page with nothing in the web address section of my browser. Please let me know if there is a work around or if you could re-upload the instrument as this is one of my favorites to play with and I would love to hear how yours turned out. Thank you kindly


  4. Jeremy Goddard says:

    My question has been answered it downloaded behind the scene. Thanks again for this instrument and your time

  5. Thanky you for the Hang Drum Library.

  6. cristopher says:

    hola me gustaria saber que cuesta un hang drum y donde puedo conseguir 1 muchas gracias

  7. Guilherme says:

    Hey,How are you?..Really cool your work,you have great beats!
    Well,I’m brazilian and I’m in canada right know,I’ll spend some time here.I was looking one producer to help make some songs that I have in my head. ,I want to be a singer So I’m here asking your help to make my dream come true.
    I want to follow david guetta,swedish hause mafia style,mixing R&B,pop…something like that,but i’m open for sugestions….so what you think ?

    Thats me singing,the video is not so good,sorry.


  8. julian says:

    You killed it at sequential circus, criminally underrated! Some kind of conspiracy going on to explain why you aren’t filling stadiums.

  9. darkarps says:

    dude, that’s an awesome thing to say. thanks 😀

  10. chrigel says:

    Thank you for that wonderful library. Since I’m a drummer not having such an instrument I’m very glad to have this collection!

  11. Ben says:

    Thanks so much for the Hang samples! These are going to be super awesome to mix into projects.

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