Celestial Bodies (Download)

You’ve probably heard that sound can’t travel in space, because space is a vacuum and everybody knows that sound travels by the compression and rarefaction of air molecules formed as waves… right? Right!?

That said, the stars, planets and indeed all celestial bodies in the universe emit electromagnetic pulses (radio waves) that can be converted to sound using a VLF (very low frequency) radio receiver, and some kind people at NASA have taken the trouble to record those sounds for the use and enjoyment of electronic music producers everywhere… just for us.

You can find a bunch of them collected on this website.

But because I’m so damn nice, I’ve recorded, clipped and normalized each of them and zipped them up into one handy file for use in your next production. There are some fantastic drones and ambiences in here for your next alt/emo/noisecore/whatever project. Soundss of the Earth, Uranus, the rings of Saturn, and the Sun itself are all available for download right here.