One week to go until Soundproof’s final show of 2012! Disco-Tech promises to do exactly what it says on the tin: a disco-themed glamfest complete with afros, glittery dresses, mirrorballs and platform shoes. And, naturally, banging techno.

As the show approaches, and I start to wonder what music I have that could at all be construed as being disco, or at least disco-influenced, it struck me that I actually know very little about disco in the first place. All I can come up with is the Bee Gees and I KNOW there are some less obvious, less played-out choices out there… One Facebook comment later and I’m inundated with suggestions and requests: From names I’ve heard of such as Donna Summer and Boney M, to names I definitely haven’t, like Black Masses, Sunburst and Giorgio Moroder. And then modern reinterpretations of the genre like this funky little number from Plej. Clearly, there is a lot of good disco-inspired music out there.

[youtube_sc url=”” autohide=”1″]

My music doesn’t sound anything like this. But that’s ok. It’s still a techno party, after all. That said, lifting a cheeky hook or riff out of some of these lesser-known classics and combining them with some 21st century production might yield some interesting results… come down on the 15th to find out 😉