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TUTORIAL – Synths in Unison

The unison function on your synthesiser is a great way to make your patches sound full and fat, but it comes at a cost – when you sum your mix to mono, and you *should* monitor in mono, at least occasionally (have a read of this excellent Sound on Sound article for an explanation as to why) your sounds end up losing the impact they had when monitoring in stereo. Your mixes need to translate well to a variety of PA systems and listening environments, and monitoring in mono is a good way to tell whether they will or not.

In this video I demonstrate a solution, which is to ensure that any synth patches you have in your track which rely heavily on the unison function, also have a mono layer which functions as the “backbone” of that particular sound. The wide version is there for support and adds to the overall stereo width of the final mix, but the meat of the sound is carried by the mono layer.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/wBXyE6KieA4″]