Now released on Steamtown Records, Real Age EP is my first offering in 2013, and features a variety of breaks, house and techno.

The EP kicks off with “Kingdom”, a thumping, downtempo amalgamation of techno and hip-hop, with plenty of heart and soul. Arpeggiated melodic themes run throughout as pounding beats and grime-heavy basslines provide support. Lush atmospherics and mysterious male vocals carry you through a brutal opening movement until the breakdown, where the pace switches up, and you’re taken on a deep, ominous, yet optimistic melodic journey.

Following on is the title track, “Real Age”, a funky, light-hearted romp through house and techno; this track is all about rhythm and bass. Summertime vibes transport you back to the playground, filling your soul with childish innocence. Cheeky, surreal vocal samples in the breakdowns lead us into no-nonsense, ultra-groovy drops, with warm and squelchy LFO basslines, heavy on the triplets. Guaranteed smiling faces, all over the dancefloor.

Next up, a stomping, bass-heavy progressive house and techno track with plenty of bounce… “Choices” gives the dancefloor something to rave about. Chunky progressive basslines alternate between a verse and chorus motif, punctuated with bubbling, underwater blips and bells. Punchy stabs grow to emphatic crescendos, supported by mysterious female vocals. Choice… there are too many choices in society… today’s society.

Finally, progressive breaks and techno collide in “In Flux”, a deep, melodic grower. Lush, evolving pads are supported by an infectious techno-breaks drum-line. Simple, melodic basslines play call-and response between punchy subs and aggressive growling overtones, while keeping the energy and vibe constant, brooding and understated.

Available now on Beatport, Juno, iTunes and Amazon.

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